What we do! 

Every year we provide 20,000 healthy lunches to the children at the Gayatri Devi Basic School. 

Meet the staff of the Gayatri Devi Basic School

From top left:

Sita Khanal (Grade 1), Gayatri Adhikari (Grade 2), Gita Lamsal, Principal (Grade 3), Sirjana Adhhikari (Grade 4) Prem Kumari (Grade 5), Radha Nepal (ECD) and Sita Shresta (Cook)

Thanks to Ben Tams, Janelle McQuarrie and Abi Shepherd who ran a half marathon on 21st May 2023 (Australia) raising money for Food2Think to support a new project providing school lunches for the Jana Jyoti Basic School in the Tanahu District, Nepal. They ran as the SHAPE Team, Lighthouse Project and raised £10, 000 for Food2Think.

We are so proud of their amazing efforts which will go a long way in supporting both schools.

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Provide healthy meals to help children flourish.

About us

Food2Think is a small, not for profit charity (CIO) providing a healthy meal, 6 days a week for every child at the Gayatri Devi Basic School (situated in the remote and rural district of Dhading Besi, Nepal). This project has been very well received by the children, who, prior to this initiative, did not eat whilst at school. The teachers have seen an increase in school attendance since its introduction in 2015 and parents are glad of the support. Although small in size, our charity has made a big difference to the future of these young people.  


In 2015, Food2Think was officially recognised by the municipal education office in Dhading. In 2019, we became a UK registered charity. Food2Think now provides lunches for over 100 children at the school with a varied and healthy menu. With continued support, our aim is to improve the health and well-being of these children to give them a better start in life.


All money donated to Food2Think goes straight to the school lunch fund. The meals are produced on-site at a cost of about 25p per meal.

Just £30 would enable a child to enjoy a healthy school lunch for a whole year, 6 days a week.

You can help by telling your friends and colleagues about us. If you have any questions or fund-raising ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Meet the children