2022 – Thanks to all our friends and supporters.

The past couple of years have been challenging and we would like to say a very big thank you to all our Food2Think friends who have continued to support us through this time. Your support means that Food2Think can commit to providing this food programme which is in its seventh year. How time flies by!

Looking to the future, we would like to help other schools in the Dhading area and we will be planning events for 2022 to raise awareness and funds. So watch this space and check in with our Facebook page.

Food2Think turned 5 years old – Jan 2020

Food2Think has turned 5 years old. In this time, we have provided approximately 100,000 healthy lunches to the children at the Gayatri Devi Basic School.

We are very excited to update you about the food programme from our recent self-funded trip to the school. It is the first time that we have visited Nepal since we left in May 2015, a few weeks after the devasting earthquake. Our return to a place that we lived for three years has been filled with mixed emotions and nostalgia.  We saw many familiar faces who greeted us with warm smiles. Necessity and determination have meant that life goes on for the Nepali people despite lingering memories and scars of the tragedy and continuing poverty for many.

On the 3rd January, Rohit and ourselves made the three-hour hair-raising car trip from Kathmandu to Dhading Besi. On a cold and wet day, we arrived at the school and were greeted by children, parents and teachers who honoured us with garlands, dancing, singing and speeches of thanks. Although the welcoming event took place in a dark and sparse classroom with parents and children sitting on a cold concrete floor, the atmosphere was warm with smiles and chatter.

After the event, the children were given a lunch of vegetable curry and suji ko haluwa (semolina) dessert. We were invited to join in with the food; it was delicious! The dessert was especially enjoyed by the children, its warmth was very welcome on a cold and wet day. However, we did recognise that the kitchen was very basic, without even a table to prepare or serve the food on.  The food was served in some hard-wearing plastic containers but too many disposable plastic containers and cutlery. This is a problem as Nepal struggles with rubbish disposal and plastic recycling, much of it finding its way into the rivers. The School does not have any money to support our food programme. It struggles to provide even the basic equipment needs such as pencils and paper to write on. The ‘didi’ who cleans the school also acts as the cook for Food2Think and is working miracles in preparing and serving approximately 90 children with nutritious lunches each day.  We are going to set ourselves a target to improve the kitchen facilities and the food containers and hopefully the creation of shelter and seating where the children can eat and chat. We met with parents and children who were all very happy with how Food2Think is helping them. The children said that their favourite food is chicken and rice which they get once a month. At their request we have increased this to twice a month.

None of this would be possible without the dedication of Gita (Principal), the staff and the school Chairman. The backbone to Food2Think in Nepal is Rohit Sigdel whose energy, insight and advice ensures that everything runs smoothly and transparently.

We are very excited about the potential growth of Food2Think now that we have charity status and look forward to doing even more for the children in Nepal. Please help us by telling your friends and colleagues about us and if you have any questions or fund-raising ideas please don’t hesitate to contact us.

All our thanks and best wishes,

Simon and Jeanette